There was no place in my life for God, that is assuming there was a God, although I did always believe that the human race was not here by chance or an accident. Then at the age of 21 I came in contact with a Christian in the course of my employment, a peace always seemed to surround this person and I found conversation was easy with him, he did tell me that he had a faith and I questioned him more on the subject, I remember getting down on my knees one evening at home and praying that if God existed that He would make himself evident to me. I started reading the Bible and by faith I found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which has existed to this my 68th year.

I just want to thank the Lord for His abundant Mercies, I was the child nobody wanted, unloved and helpless but by the Grace of God I am here, growing up with no hopes or inspirations that is the life I had. Looking back in my life, there has been some babies who were in the same situation as me but they didn't survived because they were left in bins, and on train trucks to die but am here today to the Glory of God and the purpose He has for my life. I have not had anyone to teach me how to ride a bicycle or had toys as a child, having no body to turn to when I needed help is heartbreaking but I always turn to God. I am here today because I have always put my trust in God as the days goes by. I have not got a father, brother or sister but I have never felt alone because God has giving me a great family in Christ Jesus what more will I ask for I have been through some ups and downs recently, it's not over but I have faith that God will make away where there is no way and I do thank God more often for His guardians. It is my prayers that the Lord will grant me the strength to do His will, which is my passion. The Lord has kept me in my walk through the valleys I just have to give thanks when am up and when am down; in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 which reads be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. Thanks a lot to everyone at Belmont Road Baptist Church for your prayers and gestures, the Lord has answer each one of our prayers and the Love shown to the boys and I. It is my hope that my testimony will touch someone's heart and they will put their trust in the Lord and know that almighty God is in control. Keep smiling.

One day, whilst working at a local hospital and living in North London, I was approached by a Christian colleague. She told me that she had a message for me. Instantly I felt I knew what she had to say and I wasn't ready to hear it. She had a message for me from God. I spent the next six months dodging her at every opportunity. Eventually she stopped chasing me. I thought I had escaped. Shortly afterwards another Christian colleague approached me saying she had a message for me. I backed away as though she was contagious and ran away. Another six months of dodging followed. Soon afterwards I moved to Hemel and to another local hospital. Now surely I had escaped! I decided to join a local church to meet my new neighbours and make some friends. I planned to try a different church each week then join the one I felt most comfortable with. The first week I attended a local church. It was very friendly and I decided to stay. On my third week our final song was 'O Lord My God (How Great Thou Art)'. As we reached the final chorus with the recessional proceeding down the aisle I began to cry.' I couldn't stop. I had no idea why I was crying. It was several minutes before I could control myself long enough to rise. I hurried out of the door without meeting anyone's gaze and rushed home, tears continued to pour from my eyes. I knew why but was in denial. As every girl does I called my mother for reassurance. When I explained what had happened she said that God had touched me. It was then that I remembered feeling a hand on the back of my left shoulder. Right there on the phone with my mother we prayed and I accepted the Lord as my Saviour. Gods love still affects me in the same way. Today when I hear non-Christians say 'I'm not ready', I laugh and tell them my story. Our Lord in his wisdom knows each and every one of us and will claim us in his time, not ours.