Taking the next step

When Jesus died it wasn't the end, because he came back to life at 'the resurrection.' He's still alive today, but he's not physically on earth, he's sitting at God's right hand. And from there he prays for us AND offers us the opportunity to experience God's forgiveness for our wrongdoing. This comes about when we put our trust in Jesus and agree to say sorry, turn our back on sinful living and have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. When we do this, God's Holy Spirit helps us to come to know God - 'be born again' and become real Christians. Real Christians want to live for God, follow Jesus Christ and live with the strength and help that the Holy Spirit gives. So, a Christian, really, is someone who:

Acknowledges their wrongdoing (sin)
Believes in Jesus Christ as Lord of their life and Saviour from sin
Comes to God for forgiveness
Determines to follow Jesus Christ & live for God from now on

When you do that, a brand new relationship begins - a relationship with the Living God. It's like you've been BORN AGAIN.

It's not the same as going to church or living in a Christian country or home - it's based on relationship, not on religiosity or where you were born.

You can't just say you're a Christian, you have to become one.

Would you like to become a Christian? Yes, you!!