Luncheon Club (60+)
Wednesday at 12 noon

"I don't get out and about so much these days but I wouldn't miss Wednesdays"
"It is the highlight of my week"
"The food is great and the friendships are even better"

Each Wednesday we meet for food and fellowship, sharing friendship and a loving concern for one another. After eating a lovely two-course meal we sit and share a drink, catch up on each other's news and exchange books in our library. A good time is had by all, especially by the volunteers, the kitchen can sometimes get a bit riotous when the men are doing the washing up!

We meet in the Church Hall at the rear of the Church, and there is easy access for those less able. Organised by John Southall, the Luncheon Club is run by a happy and committed team of people - who just love to serve!

A small fee is charged to cover the food cost and each Wednesday is feast time as over 20 people tuck into a nutritious and well prepared meal. Dietary needs are taken into account.

Many members of the Luncheon Club go out on various day trips organised by the Staff of the Club

Can you Join the Club ?

There are often vacancies - but you need to check with John Southall on (01442) 252646 before you can come. And if there is a spare place - take it! You'll love the sense of fun and friendship there.

Unfortunately we cannot offer transport.