What is a Christian

A Christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ. Jesus was born over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem in the Far East. He lived for 33 years and died a cruel death nailed to a cross - called 'crucifixion.'

Jesus made some amazing claims. He taught the people at that time that he was God's only Son - but even more amazing, he said that 'I and the father are one.' So, in Jesus, God was born on earth (the 'incarnation' we call it).

But people weren't happy with what Jesus taught and with the many miracles he performed. Little did they know that God had expected this opposition and had already decided that Jesus would die - but it wasn't just as straightforward as that . . .

God also knew that human beings were into all sorts of wrongdoings (sin) and that their lives displeased a holy God. They should be punished, but here's something even more amazing - Jesus' death on a cross was planned by God to pay the price for sin - OUR sin. Jesus took our place when he was crucified. You and I - and humanity in general - should have suffered for our own wrongdoing, but Jesus did it instead. That's how much God loves us!!